Milestone Makers.    NASDAQ.   DOP

Libera.    Diablo Ballet.    DOP

In-App Videos.   18 Birdies.   DOP

Redress (Short Film).   DME Production.   DOP

T-Cell.io Customer Testamonials.   Two River Pictures.   Camera

Love Kills (2 episodes).   Investigation Discovery.   DOP


Housatonic Partners Executive Interviews.   Cinco Media.   DOP

Love Kills (4 episodes)    Investigation Discovery.   DOP

Wives With Knives (Season 5).   Investigation Discovery.   DOP

Lasso (Feature Film).   Mad Rodeo Productions.   DOP

I Almost Got Away With It Season 8 (5 episodes).   Investigation Discovery.   DOP


Blademen (Pilot).   Indigo Films.   DOP

Railmen (Pilot).   Indigo Films.   DOP

The Tenor From Abidjan.   Independent Documentary.   DOP

World's Funniest Dogs.   Nat Geo Wild    DOP

Unlikely Animal Friends (3 episodes).   Nat Geo Wild.   DOP

Wives With Knives (Season 4.   )Investigation Discovery.   DOP

America's Favorite Places (7 episodes).   Discovery Family.   DOP

The Day I Almost Died (10 episodes).   Discovery Life.   DOP


Wives with Knives (Season 3).   Investigation Discovery.   DOP

Sex Sent Me To The Slammer.   Investigation Discovery.   DOP

My Strange Criminal Addiction.   Investigation Discovery.   DOP

I Almost Got Away With It (Season 7).   Investigation Discovery.   Camera


World Access (15 episodes).   Travel Channel.   Camera

50 Ways to Leave Your Lover.   Investigation Discovery.   Camera

Busted!  Animal Smugglers.   Nat Geo Wild.   DOP

Campus Crimes.   Lifetime.   DOP

UFOs Crashed My Vacation.   Travel Channel.   DOP

Epic Spills.   Travel Channel.   Camera

I Almost Got Away With It (Season 6).   Investigation Discovery.   Camera


Restless Souls.   Investigation Discovery.   DOP

Monstresses.   Investigation Discovery.   Camera

I Almost Got Away With It (Season 5).   Investigation Discovery.   Camera


Cuff Me If you Can.   Investigation Discovery.   Camera

I Almost Got Away With It (Season 4).   Investigation Discovery.   Camera


I Almost Got Away With It Season 2 & 3.   Investigation Discovery.   Camera

My Favorite Ride.   Cycling News.   Camera

Dirty Money (Pilot).   The History Channel.   Camera


Twins Who Marry Twins (Pilot).   TLC.   Camera

Military’s Toughest Jobs.   Military Channel.   Camera

Military’s Top Ten.   Military Channel.   Camera

First to Fight – Anatomy of a Marine Expeditionary Unit.   Military Channel.   Camera

I Almost Got Away With It (Season 1).   Investigation Discovery.   Camera

Trannyshack.   Independent Documentary.   Camera


42 Ways to Kill Hitler.   National Geographic Channel.   Camera

Treasure Hunter: Kirsten Gum (10 ep.).   Travel Channel.   Camera

Jews in the Civil War.   Independent Documentary.   Camera

Home Free.   Planet Green Sizzle Reel.   Camera

Birth Day.   TLC.   Camera


Cash and Treasures (28 ep.).   Travel Channel.   Camera

Crucifixion.   The History Channel.   Camera

Gifts and Challenges.   Independent Documentary.   Camera


Best Places to Find Cash and Treasures (16 ep.).   Travel Channel.   Camera

America’s Best Waterparks.   Travel Channel.   Camera

Party Police: Vegas Bikers.   CourtTV.   Camera